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Flying with Landscapes USA™ is very different from flying with JUST photo-real scenery. And finally it is possible to fly as real as it gets, leaving the old generic simulation scenery behind.

In flight simulation, nothing beats the critical accuracy General Aviation and VFR flight training needs better than photo-real scenery as it injects the real-world into the model environment. Sadly the 3-D aspect of Prepar3D and FSX is badly diminished if photo-scenery is used. Now though you can restore the 3-D look and keep the accuracy of photo-reality for ALL of North America.

Landscapes USA™ adds accurately placed autogen trees, buildings, and other 3-D autogen to every state in the USA (not Alaska), Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. It also adds FAA digital obstacle data hazards such as towers, windmills,  and buildings. All this detail is based on enhanced commercial and FAA data using sources from USGS 1:24000 scale topo maps and elsewhere to place autogen accurately down to the equivalent of 1:15000 scale maps.

The series also features products covering Europe, starting with the already released England and Wales add-on based on publically available mapping sources.

The world doesn't look flat on take-off or landing, approaches are more realistic, but you don't lose the excellent perspective provided by most photo-scenery add-ons.

nuvecta’s VFR-Series Landscapes USA™ is compatible with all add-on scenery following FSX  and Prepar3D standards.

Immerse yourself in flights of realism across the whole continent!